In January of 2010 Calgary Foodies published its first review ever. It was a simple review of a little Vietnamese restaurant called CoDo. That was the beginning of what has become an amazing and very rewarding journey.

Since that day we have:

  • had 51,456 visits to our website from 37,809 unique visitors
  • 111,585 pageviews
  • 1386 facebook fans
  • 896 twitter followers (we have never pursued twitter as a medium)
  • 707 email subscribers (this is what makes Calgary Foodies so succesful0
  • ranked #1 in Alberta on urbanspoon
  • ranked #1 in Calgary on urbanspoon
  • successfully helped 25 foodies get great mortgages (and a free meal at a restaurant of their choosing, the biggest bill $475)
  • fed 200 homeless people
  • given away 300 pies
  • raised a bunch of money for charity

To reflect on these accomplishments, it seems only fitting that our 100th review feature a restaurant that holds a little piece of our hearts, Petite.

The little restaurant that the foodie community fell in love with has officially reopened in a brand new, slightly larger location on 17th avenue and 4th street SW. While it is not quite as petite as it once was, it is still a cozy little restaurant with amazing food from Chef Jared Alvey.

The new room is significantly more modern with both an upscale dining room and a lounge area. The open kitchen concept remains, however in a much larger form. On Sunday night there were no less than 7 cooks working the line where Jared, and one or two trusty assistants, once cranked out entrees to no more than 26 diners at a time. The new Petite holds a still small – as far as restaurants go – 140 people at capacity, although expect the numbers on a typical evening to be less as the experience will surely take precedence over filling the room.

The menu is inspired by the pre-fire Petite, although with some additional new items. The larger kitchen allows Petite to prepare a larger menu with items that would have once been difficult in the smaller kitchen. The escargot & muscle fondue and the chicken three ways (breast, leg, and sausage) are prime examples.

The menu also features an array of amazing proteins paired with creative sides. For example, there is elk steak served with sweet potato (not yams which are orange) chips. They are also serving duck, arctic char, and of course their famous beef tenderloin (you won’t find a better steak in the city).

The appetizer menu is equally well prepared, with the above mentioned fondu, steak tartare, seared scallops, and lobster ravioli all being highlights. For an evening glass of wine in the lounge, the classic charcuterie and cheese boards remain on the menu.

The lunch menu features a flank steak, tuna melt, burger, and crab cakes, all that are out of this world creations based on classic favorites.

Sunday nights will feature a set menu for $39.95 with bin ends (wine) for $29.95 a bottle. The Sunday night will of course be hence forward known as Calgary Foodies Set Menu Sundays.

We highly recommend Petite, and we can honestly say that we believe Jared Alvey is by far the best chef Calgary has to offer. We don’t take this comment lightly either.

Happy eating,

Nolan & Jen

Petite Restaurant
344 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB

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