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Last Saturday a friend and I met up at A Ladybug Cafe in Aspen for breakfast. Given the recent Nellies fiasco with the health board, Kyle’s choice was clear – anywhere but Nellies.

This was the second time I have been to Ladybug and I was just as happy with the food this time around as I was the last. Known for their crepes, you can get everything from a savory chicken and mushroom crepe, to my personal favorite the Banana, Strawberry, and Chocolate crepe.

While Ladybug is known for their thin pancake type delights, one thing that is often overlooked is there hand pulled espresso that is far superior to any Starbucks, it even rivals Phil & Sebastien as far as taste goes (P & S have got them on presentation hands down).

One complaint I often hear about them is their service. They have recently changed to an order at the counter and deliver it to the table type model. While this may not be the norm for a restaurant that garners the prices that they do, I think it is far superior to the erratic service of the past. Not only that, but if you are in a meeting, you can order and not worry about getting pestered by an annoying waitress while you are mid discussion.

If you want to try a breakfast that isn’t typical of your normal everyday eggs and bacon, go give Ladybug a try. I doubt you will be dissapointed.



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