I have a great bunch of colleagues at the company I work at, and any time we have the opportunity to get together, I always enjoy their company.  Last week was one of their birthdays, and some of the ladies from the office planned a lunch at Bonterra to celebrate.  We all gathered there at 11:30 for some good food and company.

This restaurant is beautiful. I was surprised by the size and depth of the dining room, because from outside it is very deceiving. The wood accents and mixture of old world and new are the perfect marriage.  The extensive wine collection spread around the restaurant added more interesting places to enjoy.

This was my first time at Bonterra and given that it is an Italian restaurant and I am on a mission to get bikini ready for my trip to Puerto Vallarta in April, I was worried about what I could order to stay on track.. Much to my surprise, amidst the delicious sounding pastas and very tempting pizza options were some excellent salad and meat and vegetable options.  One of our group is always on some sort of diet, and so Lisa and I decided on the Insalata di Spinaci, a salad of spinach, duck, shitake, apple, pistachio, sour cherry vincotto dressing.  I have to say it was one of the best salads I have had in a long time. The duck was perfect and blended very well with the spinach, apple, mushroom, pistachio and sourness of the dressing. The Carmel Road – Monterey Pinot Noir, that I had with it was the perfect match for the salad. After lunch, I choose a Latte, which was also excellent.

For my first taste of Bonterra, I was VERY impressed. Total my lunch with salad, wine and a latte came to $30. Very reasonable for the quality and ambiance, the great company definitely made it even that much more enjoyable. 🙂

Happy Eating!


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