It is the last of Calgary’s old school drive inns. A place where classic cars meet for show and shines that are reminiscent of 60’s eras meetups. Unlike Peter’s, the other famous Calgary drive inn, C B is classic, like the old Willy’s used to be before it met its demise. It is not setup to mass produce and mass deliver burgers, it is setup to deliver classic food, good quality food. It is, dare I say, boutiquish.

Classic food is an understatement. C B serves the obvious, burgers, fries, onion rings, and old school classics like zucchini sticks. Their fries are the old crinkled kind, straight out of the 1990’s McCain commercials with the kid and the ketchup bottle. The fries are seasoned like the fries you used to get when you were younger too, I am thinking they use Lawry’s seasoning salt. The burgers are all beef, no filler. Nostalgic.

It is obvious why C B is a community favorite, simply because they can take a kid, a teenager, a parent or a grandparent back to a time when food was simple and delicious.

Happy eating,


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