“Welcome to Caesar’s Steakhouse & Lounge

In a city where beef is King, Caesar’s Steakhouse is a Calgary tradition. We proudly serve the finest “AAA” and Sterling Silver aged beef that Alberta has to offer. Every steak is individually cut to order, charbroiled to your specification and includes offerings to match any Emperor’s feast.

The rich surroundings of burgundy leather, golden hues and dark wood finishes enclose an open flame grill that has captivated diners since 1972.”

These couple of paragraphs from Caesar’s website sum up beautifully what Caesar’s is to Calgarians – the old reliable steak house. 70’s decor aside, they only claim to do one thing really well, steak, and do they ever do it well. You can show up any day of the week, order your favorite cut of beef, rib eye, striploin, or filet, and have it fresh cut and grilled to perfection in an open flame grill for all to see, it is a unique experience.

What is more unique is that this restaurant has survived so long. Trendy restaurants come and go, buy Caesar’s has survived far longer than most. Hy’s at least in Calgary is long since gone, so is the Owl’s Nest, as are any number of other steak houses, but Caesar’s survives. The only explanation seems to be perfection. Perfection in the way that every steak, every twice baked potato, every escargot, is perfect, almost every time.

Include a hand picked selection of wines, and lifetime servers that see their job as a profession instead of just a job, and you get Calgary’s old faithful.



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