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Calgary’s Top 5 Poutines

A couple of weeks ago we were interviewed by Alberta Venture magazine for their upcoming article on 2011 food trends. Thinking back to 2010, we realized that there was one food trend that really took off, poutine.

It seems that a growing number of restaurants from fast food to fine dining have added poutine to their menu. I guess healthy eating is dead, or at least dying temporarily to give way to delicious french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Hence, our list of top five authentic and not so authentic poutines in Calgary (and area).

5. Alberta King of Subs – Authentic Quebecois style poutine.

4. Laurier Lounge – Duck Confit Poutine

3. District – The entire poutine menu including duck confit, bacon, blue cheese, cranberries, etc.

2. Yardhouse – Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine (the magic is in the fries)

1. La Belle Patate – Authentic right down to the squeaky cheese curds

Alberta King of Subs on UrbanspoonLaurier Lounge on UrbanspoonThe District on UrbanspoonYardhouse on UrbanspoonLa Belle Patate on Urbanspoon


  1. I thought this was an article on Calgary. Last I checked the map, Canmore is not in Calgary.

  2. Hi Dave,

    The article clearly states “Calgary (and area)”. Quite frankly, we don’t really think poutine lovers will care if we include an authentic Quebecois poutine from an authentic Quebecois chef in Canmore, especially considering it is the best poutine you will find between the BC and Saskatchewan borders.

    Besides, it takes us less time to get to La Belle Patate from our place up on Old Banff Coach Road than it does to get to the NE, so we think including it as part of Calgary is quite alright.

    Check your map again, cause I think Canmore just became the new Calgary hotspot for poutine :)

  3. While I am sure the poutine is great, you’re not doing anyone a service by telling people the ‘best poutine in Calgary’ isn’t actually in Calgary. I would call that misleading, desperate, and highly offensive to a Calgarian who takes great pride in the *local* cuisine.

    I mean, you don’t need to be a genius to read the article title. It’s right at the top. Maybe you should rename it.

  4. Thanks for your input dave.

    We are happy with the article the way it reads. Our apologies if you feel mislead.

  5. I think 4 out of 5 in calgary is enough to make the list valid. I live on the south side too– and it would be much easier to get to Canmore than Temple.

    I think those other posters are just arguing semantics.

  6. Will have to try the Canmore place, good to know about that.

    Though disagree with Laurier and District being on there

    Lauriers when we tried it the gravy was to runny, almost like a soupy consistency. Sure that depends a lot on who the chef was that day though. And its been a while, but believe we had concerns over the fries as well.

    District – Overpriced and pretentious in my opinion, like the idea of toppings to order, but the prices get out of hand Though we have been there a few times to try it, but the last time there was a bad burnt taste to the gravy/fries, almost as if they had not bothered to change the oil. Not a place will go back to.

    Would love to see farm or boxwood do a poutine.

    The ships poutine is decent, been doing it for a long time, good value for money, etc. Just ask for low salt on the fries when ordering, the drawback is the fries though, hit and miss with them.

    Reds Diner does a fantastic poutine better in our opinion one of if not the best we have found.

  7. Thanks Ling!

    Those other posters weren’t even multiple posters, same guy. We are still searching for the offensive, misleading, and desperate aspects of that post, if you see them lying around anywhere let us know 😉

  8. Hi Paul,

    Great comments. We have noticed the same with respect Laurier Lounge, good day bad day kind of place. Don’t get me started on the rip off fondue.

    District I am surprised about. Heather (Chef) typically has quality on lockdown, and considering the quality of the products and their local origins, we find the prices to be among the best as far as dollar to value goes. That said, it is pretty easy to get out of hand with some of their poutine options. Give them another try, and this time ask for Heather, tell her we sent you, and share your concerns – she is a great listener and over the top passionate about food.

    We will have to head down to the Ship to give their’s a try. I’ll make you a deal, you go to Canmore, we will go to the ship, and we will compare notes.

    With respect to Red’s, you are absolutely correct, they do make a great poutine, but alas we only had room for five on the list.

    Thats the great thing about food, everyone’s tastes are different. Our list is simply our list, our recommendations, and just because we make a list doesn’t mean it is the list everyone has to follow.

    We truly appreciate when people like you comment on our blog, add to it, and continue the conversation. For that we are humbled and grateful.

    Thanks Paul – for being a foodie!

  9. not to be totally foodcourt about it — but if you havent tried the butter chicken poutine at NYFries; it’s worth at least one try! =)

  10. Thank you for this read. I can say that as a man that lives in hospitality and was born in Quebec, I entirely agree with this list. Not sure if I could order them from 1 to 5 but certainly my top 5.

    Great to see that the love of poutine continues to grow with trend.

  11. We will give it a try next time we find ourselves in a foodcourt. Thanks for the suggestion.

  12. Thanks Phillippe, feel free to share your order as well.

  13. Love the article – thanks! My suggestion is that poutine lovers must try the Fries X 3 at Dobson’s on McLeod Tr. Three buckets served on a board with just enough of each one. Garlic parm, jalapeno cheese with bacon and short rib, cheese curd and beef gravy. All available in gluten free also. YUM. http://www.dobsonscalgary.com

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