Type of Food: Vietnamese
What People are Saying: Calgarians are praising this 17th Ave hotspot, calling it the best Vietnamese in the city. Diners are quick to point out the fresh ingredients and the amazing flavors of everything from the Pho to the braised pork cheek bao. A modern twist on a Calgary favorite that definitely has a lot of buzz.
Type of Food: French Bistro
What People are Saying: Started by the same group that brought you Cassis Bistro, Suzette serves “authentic dishes inspired by the North of France.” This Mission restaurant has already made a name for itself and it’s service. Diners love the potato mushroom galette and the sophisticated selection of crepes.
Type of Food: Korean Fusion
What People are Saying: Anju is one of our old favorites that coincidentally took over the location of one of our other old favorites. This 17th Ave and 4th Street has what we consider to be one of the most tasty and unique dishes in Calgary – the Dolsot Bibimbap Hot Stone Rice Bowl, which is delicious. We call Anju’s food Cool Food.
Type of Food: Japanese Tapas
What People are Saying: With Vancouver origis, Hapa is proving that fish can be tasty even in landlocked Alberta. A reputation for great service precedes them, but so does a reputation for high prices. We have yet to see for ourselves, but have heard that the food is worth the cost of admission.
Type of Food: Bakery/Sandwiches
What People are Saying: This upscale bakery has big shoes to fill. Located in the old Melrose building, it is literally located at the heart of the Red Mile. So far reviews have been mixed, but you won’t know unless you try for yourself. One thing is for certain, there is nothing else remotely like this in Calgary.
Type of Food: Seafood
What People are Saying: We love seafood, especially oysters. Another Vancouver (Toronot) restaurant making its way to Calgary, Rodney’s has had great reviews. Fresh fish and oysters seem to make Calgarians happy. Give them a try.
Type of Food: Asian/Indian
What People are Saying: Though it is sometimes hard to get a seat at the Himalayan, those lucky enough to make it are in for a treat. Located on the lesser red and much further West section of the Red Mile, this one is perfect for those living in the Kilarney/Glenbrook area.
Type of Food: French
What People are Saying: It seems as though if you want great food 17th Ave is the place to be. Yet another Red Mile restaurant, this one specializes in the finest food on the planet – French Food. The onion soup and the risotto both make the list for must try dishes, and words like fabulous, amazing, and wonderful seem to be used quite frequently to describe the overall experience.
Type of Food: Asian Fusion
What People are Saying: An Asian Fusion brunch joint that is sure to please. Try your favorite dishes from all areas of Asia but with an emphasis on Korean food. We hear from multiple sources that the Gachi Benedict is to die for. Actually we hear pretty much everything on the menu is to die for.
Type of Food: Spanish/French/Italian
What People are Saying: If you ask urbanspoon this restaurant would appear to have an identity crisis on its hands, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The husband and wife team that run the kitchen at this epicurean masterpiece have also been mainstays at several other Calgary hotspots. We look forward to trying the Chef’s tasting menu sometime in the near future.

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