“Serving local chef-driven, urban-rustic cuisine” – CHAR-CUT’s website slogan encompasses all that is awesome about this restaurant.  The food will undoubtedly leave you speechless.  Tucked away in the trendy Hotel Le Germain CHAR-CUT, that has gained recent fame for it’s “Alley Burger”, serves up so much more than just burgers. (although their menu does include a sausage patty burger with cheese curds and a fried egg, that looks amazing!)  Co-chef/owners Connie DeSousa & John Jackson have created a unique concept in their ever changing menu.  Be warned, this restaurant NOT the restaurant to take your vegan friends to. Meat is clearly the center of attention here.

With the focus on local fresh ingredients, almost everything is made in house. All of the meat is butchered and smoked on site, house cured meats, canned vegetables, tuna conserva, bread and buns, even the chirizo sausage we enjoyed had been rolled out that very morning.  They have a aging cooler for their meats and if you are lucky enough you might see an entire pig head smiling back at you from behind the glass.  This is used for their pig’s head mortadella, pork that is mixed with pistachios and truffles and then stuffed inside a hollowed out pigs head.  They have easily best charcuterie board in the city that allows you to sample a mixture of their homemade specialties such as the mortadella, pork corquettes, Italian sausage and rabbit terraine. Where else have you seen bone marrow gratin with escargot neat lined on top or fresh baked brioche buns?

The beauty of their menu is it is ever changing so there is likely going to always be something new to try. Their mains you can guess are just as inventive as their starters, with a Butcher’s Steak (ask for the cut of the day as this changes too), Slow Roasted Chicken, Pork Chop and Lamb’s leg.  Sides include duck fat fried poutine,  grilled brocollini, ham with mac n’ cheese.

Pair that with a extensive wine list and an even more extensive beer list, house specialties such as a clarified Caesar, and likely anything you could possibly want to drink, this is easily one of our new favorite restaurants.

To finish they even make mini fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and a flourless chocolate cake that is simply to die for. Pictured here with their bumbleberry cheesecake and crème brûlée… to be fair it was Nolan’s birthday we had to have them all. 🙂

Restaurant co-chef and owner Connie DeSousa will be featured on Top Chef, airing April 11th on Food Network Canada.  One of 16 lucky Canadian chef’s to be featured on the show.  We are rooting for Chef DeSousa, and if the menu at Char-cut is any indication, she is bound to come out on top. Good Luck Connie!

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