If you are a chocolate lover (and who isn’t?) and you haven’t checked out Choklat yet, you are missing out.

Choklat, who claims to be the only chocolatier in Calgary (Canada?), who makes their very own chocolate straight from bean to bar/truffle, has won accolade after accolade for their artisan chocolate creations.

We recently toured their immaculate facility, equipped with everything from a hydroponic mint garden, to custom designed hulling and tempering machines. To say that they have a passion for getting it right is an understatement. Everything is perfect here.

Truffles are made fresh to order, with over 1,100 combinations. The chocolate is smooth and creamy, even in the non-milk chocolate variety. In some cases like the Porcelana bar, it has an almost silky quality. They certainly do not make anything close to resembling your typical Hershey bar. Nor is this your typical bitter dark chocolate. In fact we couldn’t find anything bitter about it. Just sweet sweet chocolate, the way it should be.

Choklat on UrbanspoonChoklat on Urbanspoon