Over the last year we have come across some pretty cool kitchen gadgets. We thought we would share with you which of these we would most like for Christmas (if we didn’t already have them all), in hopes that it might give you some good ideas for gifts your foodie pals.

First on our list is the Suisin Inox 240mm sushi knife. Used as a stand in for his much more expensive ($3000) Suisin favorite, Michael Black of Sebo swears that this “American Style” sushi knife is one of the best beginner sushi knives out there. We agree! At only $135, it is Japanese made and puts many impostors to shame. PS. Michael can literally shave with his.

Second on our list is the Venturi Wine Aerator. At $39.95 this little gadget puts air into wine at rapid speed, aiding in the decanting process. It comes with a filter, stand, and velvet bag for storage. A must have for wine lovers.

For those looking to aerate by the glass, the vinoair is one of our favorites. Used by one of our favorite wineries, Cline California, this aerator fits right onto the bottle and is simple to use, and clean. It also eliminates those pesky drops of wine that often run down the side of the bottle. At $19.95 it is slightly cheaper than the Venturi, although we found that for decanting the Venturi is worth the money.

Coleman fired us one of their 3 in 1 grills this summer to try out on a pheasant hunting trip. This thing is great, you can boil water on it for coffee, grill hotdogs for lunch, and cook pancakes in the morning all on the same unit. It heats hot and fast, and is a great compliment to the camping kitchen. Try it with the stove top coffee maker.

Anthony Bourdain’s book Kitchen Confidential changed our life this year. It taught us that everything we feared about the restaurant industry is true, inspired us to make our own soup stock from scratch, caused us to stop eating sushi or any fish for that matter on Monday, and was just really f’n fun to read. It is also the reason we now use commercial Henkel Twin Master knives (which should also be on our list, wait I think they just made it) that cost $30 instead of the more common and essentially identical $200 versions.

Finally, our must haves of must haves, the Rickard’s beer can chicken roaster. Now unfortunately, you can’t get these anymore, but believe me, you have never had chicken like the ones you will make with this contraption. Rickard’s has a whole site dedicated to recipes and making your food taste better. We especially love the Rickard’s Red recipes.

For the first two who answer the following question in the comments section below, we have the last two Rickard’s Beer Can Chicken Roasters in existence.

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?