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Cibo – Baby on the Way Edition

It has been a while since Jen and I have eaten at a new restaurant. With a baby on the way, a new house coming at the end of July, and a crazy mortgage market, we simply haven’t had time to explore Calgary’s food scene as much as we have in the past. In fact last time we wrote a review, Charcut had been the number one restaurant on urbanspoons talk of the town for what seemed like a period of time that was beyond memory. If you take a look now, they are nowhere to be found on the list they once dominated.

There loss however leaves a spot open for a new number one, and I have a feeling that Cibo may be the new long term holder of this spot.

The restaurant, pronounced Chee-bo, was recently opened by the owners of Bontera (I hope I got this right, I think I do). It focuses on shared plates of pizza, pasta, and other delicious treats. At a fairly reasonable price I might add. They have a neapolitan style pizza oven, a great patio just off of popular 17th ave, and two floors of seating.

One thing that I found interesting is that management at this restaurant is quite creative with their positioning of certain flaws they may have. For example, upon ordering you will be told that at lunch all food will come out at the same time, at dinner it comes out as it is made. The supposed reason for this is because they want the food served at its “freshest.” The reality is that they likely don’t have good enough control of their kitchen, and struggle with timing. But hey, being upfront about the fact that food won’t be served all at once is better than having disappointed customers. They set the expectations well. Quite frankly, we don’t care if it all comes out at once or not, as long as it comes – and when the food is as delicious as it is at Cibo, we are willing to roll with their punches.

Grab a few friends who you can stand to share with and give them a try. It might not be the shortest dinner you ever have, but great food, great friends, and a great atmosphere aren’t something you want to rush anyways.

Happy eating.

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  1. Maybe tell us about the food, a bit? It’s “Bonterra” btw.
    Guys, I hate to bring this up but I’ve commented a couple of times over the years about mistakes in your reviews and never got a comment, never mind your correction and never ever mind a thank-you from you guys. When somebody goes to the effort to correct you on your blog- this goes for my blog too- you should make the effort to acknowledge it.
    The corrections I made were to your review or report on the Phil & Sebastian cart at Holt Renfrew where you misspelled “Sebastian” twice in the article. You never changed it. The second, earlier and in my opinion more serious issue was when you reviewed El’s Japanese Fusion. You extolled its “Japanese staff.” El’s is Korean-owned and has always been Korean-staffed. “Fusion sushi” is a Korean specialty. And again, you never acknowledged my comment.

  2. Sorry @John_F_Manzo,
    Your reputation precedes you which is why we  typically choose not to engage you.
    As we stated in the CSJW interview that you were also a part of, we choose not to pick people and restaurants apart, we choose not to bash, and we choose not to partake in unnecessary and ill informed corrections.
    We have at this point banned Brian from most of our community, and if it appears that you have chosen our humble community as your new online squatting point, we will not hesitate to restrict your access as well, as many of the food related sites in Calgary have already done.
    We encourage you to share, and contribute. However, we also require that you to be respectful, kind, and positive in your contributions. We will not tolerate anything less.
    On a further note, I will use this opportunity to pass along a little bit of constructive criticism with respect to your profession since you so willingly provide your unsolicited commentary on our community. Perhaps if people in your position did a little bit less criticizing and a little bit more positive reinforcement, our world and educational system would be a slightly better place.
    Kind regards,

  3.  @nmatthias  My reputation as WHAT precedes me?
    How is noting that you spell a business name incorrectly an ill informed correction? How is pointing out that a “Japanese” person is in fact Korean ill-informed?
    MANY of the food related sites in Calgary have limited my access? Which ones? Chowhound isn’t “in Calgary” and the decision to ban me was Jacquilynn’s and she’s based in Toronto. She’s offered to reinstate me but I can’t stand the thought of showing up there again and to be in thrall of a bunch of people who hate this city. It’s as bad as lonelyplanet.com which is why I never post there anymore either. It’s a damn shame since Miles, Yen and I absolutely build the Calgary representation on CH starting back in 2002 and none of us can stand the site anymore- none of us posts. Horrible downward spiral there.
    I had nothing to do with Brian’s comments on your facebook stream. I don’t know the history there.
    Incidentally-when I was interviewed at CJSW I had no idea you were going to be on the same show, but I stand by my comment that I don’t like and have never liked the term “foodie.” If you listened to my segment you’ll understand why.

    Thanks for confirming the ban.
    With a forum named “Calgary Foodies,” one would think that it was a broad discussion about food in Calgary. Especially the diversity of food.
    With every other post about Petite (as I can see here, it is your #1 restuarant you like), it questions the integrity of a so called open forum. Maybe you should do a count on Petite posts versus other food places discussed. 
    If it is your blog and intend on promoting it as your blog, this is not a problem. Promo Petite all you like. But don’t host an “open forum” when it is anything but.
    BTW dissing John’s profession is a pretty lame blow. He gets nominated almost every year for a distinguished teacher award and was #3 best prof in FFWD’s Best of Calgary edition. He has done a remarkable job for education in this city. And spelling among his students.
    Further, you don’t know me nor even met me. Nor I you. The only thing we have interacted on is you open forum and your remarkable frequency of posting about Petite. You know little of the breadth of what we do in our contributions and our boundless energy we dedicate to making Calgary great.
    Stick to discussions on food, dude. And if you want to run this as your domain, fine. Don’t do it under the guise that it is open and unbiased.

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