It has been a while since Jen and I have eaten at a new restaurant. With a baby on the way, a new house coming at the end of July, and a crazy mortgage market, we simply haven’t had time to explore Calgary’s food scene as much as we have in the past. In fact last time we wrote a review, Charcut had been the number one restaurant on urbanspoons talk of the town for what seemed like a period of time that was beyond memory. If you take a look now, they are nowhere to be found on the list they once dominated.

There loss however leaves a spot open for a new number one, and I have a feeling that Cibo may be the new long term holder of this spot.

The restaurant, pronounced Chee-bo, was recently opened by the owners of Bontera (I hope I got this right, I think I do). It focuses on shared plates of pizza, pasta, and other delicious treats. At a fairly reasonable price I might add. They have a neapolitan style pizza oven, a great patio just off of popular 17th ave, and two floors of seating.

One thing that I found interesting is that management at this restaurant is quite creative with their positioning of certain flaws they may have. For example, upon ordering you will be told that at lunch all food will come out at the same time, at dinner it comes out as it is made. The supposed reason for this is because they want the food served at its “freshest.” The reality is that they likely don’t have good enough control of their kitchen, and struggle with timing. But hey, being upfront about the fact that food won’t be served all at once is better than having disappointed customers. They set the expectations well. Quite frankly, we don’t care if it all comes out at once or not, as long as it comes – and when the food is as delicious as it is at Cibo, we are willing to roll with their punches.

Grab a few friends who you can stand to share with and give them a try. It might not be the shortest dinner you ever have, but great food, great friends, and a great atmosphere aren’t something you want to rush anyways.

Happy eating.

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