Last Saturday I promised Jen a surprise that unfortunately was derailed by an afternoon nap that put us in a time crunch.

We have declared Saturday tea day. It all began with a Saturday trip to Steeps that was that beginning of a love affair with Yerbe Mate tea. Being Saturday, I decided to spice up our tea day with a surprise trip to Canmore and Communitea. With nothing planned for the day, we hopped in the M5 and made the short drive out to take a look at some real estate as well as enjoy a cup of one of our favorites, Caramel Mate.

Our first visit was quite nice and relaxing. The décor was very modern, including been bag chairs if so inclined. The music was very eclectic and enjoyable, and the tea was quite good as well.

What blew me away was the mostly white décor that gave off the aura of a very sterile environment. It was extremely clean, even the bathrooms were spotless with community advertisements perfectly aligned on the walls.

One of the cool things about Communitea is that the often have live bands and other similar events. As one of the realtors we talked to today put it, “it makes for a nice place to see a band without a bunch of drunk inebriates floating around.”

We didn’t get a chance to try out the menu, but likely will in the future. Canmore is one of my favorite places in the world and we plan on making many more trips out to the gem of a town that goes unappreciated by the majority of Calgarians. Communitea is just one more addition to the list of reasons why Canmore will one day be a place we call home.

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