When you are looking for a place for breakfast there are some great options in Calgary.  One of the newer additions to the Calgary breakfast scene is Cora’s breakfast and lunch restaurant, with two locations South & Northwest.  Cora’s started out in a snack bar in Montreal’s Ville St. Laurent and later expanded into a successful franchise throughout Quebec, GTA, and has slowly made it’s was West. The first Calgary restaurant opened in the far south on 130th in 2007, and another opened in Northland mall in 2008. Although it has been around for 3 years, many Calgarians are unaware of all the deliciousness that is Cora’s and if you are looking to switch up your weekend breakfast or brunch routine Cora’s would be a great option!

They literally have EVERYTHING on this menu, from your regular eggs benny and bacon and eggs to more “inventive” creations like 1990’s Harvest (Brioche style french toast, with eggs and bacon and a mountain of fruit) and interesting omelette, waffle and crepe combinations. The interesting names all have history and come from Cora’s willingness to take her early customers suggestions on menu items.  A lot of the offerings are named after the clientele that helped create them from the April 1989 to the Egg’s Maurice. The founder is clearly thankful to the people who made her restaurant a success.  And they are still happy to take suggestions, if you want asparagus and bacon in your omelette just let them know and they will be happy to oblige.  Another thing Cora’s is known for is the large amount of fresh fruit that is served with every plate. Take a look at the pictures and you will see what I mean.

For breakfast it’s reasonably priced and the portions are huge.  But plan on waiting for a table because word is clearly getting around Calgary that Cora’s offers some solid food.  The meal is worth the wait, so come hungry and try one of their many breakfasts choices.

Happy Eating! Jen

What we liked:

  • Big portions
  • Tons of fruit
  • Something for everyone

What we didn’t like:

  • Paper thin slices of bacon
  • Omelette needed more seasoning

Cora's Breakfast & Lunch on Urbanspoon

Cora's Breakfast & Lunch on Urbanspoon