Wow was the food good! The experience, well I am still digesting that.

Last week a group of Mortgage Planners from Mortgage Architects got together for a lunch meeting at Cravings (map). It was my first time there even though it is only a couple blocks from my office and a restaurant that I have heard many great things about.

Let me tell you this, the lobster ravioli was phenomenal! In fact, everything that everyone had seemed to be phenomenal. That being said here is what I didn’t like.

If you haven’t been to Cravings, it works more like a cafeteria than a restaurant. When you are seated you are given a little credit like card that you will use when you order. After you get your drink orders, you head back to the front of the restaurant to peruse the cafeteria like stations that have everything from sandwiches, to salads, to pasta, to fish and prime rib. This isn’t like any other cafeteria you have ever been in though, because all of the food is very high end, and very tasty. When you order, they take your card, run the order through on it, and then deliver your meal a short time later. When you are done your meal, you take your card to the front counter and pay your bill. What I love is that in a large group this makes separating your bill effortless, it also makes waiting in line for the rest of your group to pay a big pain in the ass. Think grocery store lineup in a restaurant.

Furthermore, I probably ordered the pasta because the pasta station had the shortest line up. Once I had ordered however, I decided I would have liked to have had a salad as well. Unfortunately the salad station had the longest line. If I would have waited for a salad, my pasta would have been delivered to my table and cold by the time I got back. Speaking of cold food, the other thing I hated about Cravings was that everyone’s meals came at different times. I felt horrible getting my food first and making everyone else watch me eat (I did offer to wait, but my colleagues insisted so it wouldn’t get cold).

Overall, the concept is obviously well liked by others because the restaurant was packed. The food was definitely delicious, I guess I just had my own thoughts on the overall dining experience.

Sorry, no receipt this time – Lobster Ravioli $18.95 – little expensive for my taste but lunch was under $30 total.

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