I thought I would revive the how to cut an onion without crying video since it was something that we posted before the site had much of a following. Now with over 500 regular visitors we are excited to resubmit the video for your comments.

A loyal Calgary Foodie gave us the explanation for why this trick works. At the time I didn’t know the science behind it, but six month later I can say I am slightly wiser, as least when it come to onions.

Our loyal fan wrote, “when you cut the onion, you rupture the onions cells, this causes enzymes to interact with sulphoxides and produce the gas that causes your eyes to sting. When you chill the onion, the enzymes produce significantly less gas, hence less crying.”

If you have any cool kitchen tricks please share them in the comments section below.

Enjoy the video… Again.

Oh, and if you have any friends that are Foodies, or who just like to cook, please let them know about our sit by forwarding the video to them.