Double Zero Groupon Offer Pay $15 for $30 worth of food

Neapolitan Pizza is definitely a food trend that we love, and traditional Italian thin crust pizza restaurants are popping up all over Calgary.  The  newest, Double Zero, is located in Downtown Calgary on 3rd Street and 7th Avenue right across from Holt Renfrew.  We were honoured to have been invited to their “Pizza Party” on Tuesday night and had the opportunity to taste a large variety of their pizza and appy offerings.

Let me start by saying these guys are a class act and offer excellent service to their patrons.  A glass was never empty whether it be water, beer or vino, and they were some of the friendliest group I have encountered in Calgary.  That genuine care and consideration for their customers makes for a very pleasant dining experience and will go far with Calgary diners.  Many times throughout the night, various staff and management came around and asked what we thought and what we had not had a chance to try.  Sure enough 10 minutes later the pizza we saw coming around and hadn’t had the chance to experience was there on our table.

Now onto the food – let’s start with the Pizza and more particularly the dough/crust.  The name Double Zero refers to the flour used to make the dough.  “In Italy they classify flour as 1, 0, or 00 and this refers to how finely ground the flour is and how much of the bran and germ has been removed. Doppio Zero is the most highly refined flour and is talcum powder soft” – taken from the board in the restaurant.  00 flour provides the perfect base for the pizza dough, thin but crisp, slightly chewy and pliable but not soggy.  Add to that some excellent toppings and you will be in heaven. Some favorites of the night were: Speck with mozzarella and arugula ($16), Rapini with pine nuts, garlic and ricotta ($15), Mortadella with pistachio, rosa sauce and basil ($18), Salami with reggiano & chili ($16).  All of these pizza are available gluten free as well.

But it’s not just pizza, they have great starters, beef carpaccio ($14), calamari ($11), meatballs ($12), and Salads options including, caprese, fennel & orange, radicchio, walnut & blue cheese ($9/14) and entrees, butcher steak ($21), spragg farms pork chop ($21), grilled paolini sausage and peppers ($18)… to name only a few.  Check out their full menu here MENU.

With a classy and fun dining room, great menu with excellent prices and a friendly staff this new restaurant in the Core is sure to have something for everyone’s tastes and will be a new Calgary hotspot.  We liked it so much, we are headed down there tonight for a little Friday night date night. 😉

ENJOY! Happy Eating!


Double Zero Groupon Offer Pay $15 for $30 worth of food


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