Last weekend the Food Network’s Eat St. was in Calgary filming for a second time. This time around they filmed Mighty Skillet, Naaco, and Braizen. All three trucks were in fine form and a lot of fun was had by the trucks, the reviewers, and the crew. Am Eat St. record was even broken. Naaco crushed Alley Burger’s Eat St. lineup record, making them the new king of Eat St. food trucks. 🙂

Reviews below…

Mighty Skillet

I am the type of person that can eat breakfast/brunch food any time of day.  Pancakes or omelets for dinner was something we did often growing up.  The Mighty Skillet serves up brunch fare at really great prices to satisfy all of your cravings.  The bacon steaks and eggs benny are obvious favorites – the homemade hot sauce is a real winner with the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and is the perfect dipping sauce for the skillet potatoes wedges.  Don’t expect to get breakfast here to early though, I don’t think the mighty skillet guys like to get out of be real early 😉

Naaco Truck

The Naaco Truck is a family affair. It is a family run truck with the whole family involved. It is Indian food in the form of a taco. Essentially they use naan bread as the taco shell and delicious pork, beef vindaloo, and butter chicken as the fillings. They use fresh ingredients – sometimes right out of the herb garden on the top of the truck – in a food item that can be eaten with your hands. Just make sure you have at least a half a dozen napkins. Messy good.


Braizen is the self proclaimed food truck for foodies. With high end restaurant inspired cuisine, they focus their efforts on complex flavors. They have braised short ribs that are pretty good, jerk chicken sliders, and an Asian noodle bowl that Jen seemed to like. I think the best thing on the menu was something that wasn’t actually on the menu, it was a side of coleslaw that came with the short ribs. Nice and refreshing on a hot day.

Look for the new episodes of Eat St. either at the end of this season or early next season.

Braizen Food Truck on UrbanspoonMighty Skillet Brunch Truck on UrbanspoonThe Naaco Truck on Urbanspoon