The girls at Fries & Dolls are killing it! They are leading Calgary’s food truck revolution with their marketing prowess, their incredible smiles, and their amazing fries.

There is no other food truck that has put together a complete marketing concept like the dolls. They are front and center on Facebook and Twitter like most of the other food trucks, however they are a step ahead when it comes to their branding. Everything ties in. From the bright pink truck, to the 50 styles outfits, to the “kiss kiss” themed marketing, to the strategically themed names of their menu items, their branding kills it. Furthermore, their branding ties perfectly to their personalities. Realtors and mortgage brokers take note, this is how branding is done.

The Dolls themselves extend the brand. First of all they are hot! Smokin hot! If you aren’t interested in the fries, guys you might be interested in the dolls. Their flair and showmanship, along with their looks, bring customer service to a level that is reminiscent of the carhops in American Graffiti or Happy Days . The Dolls greet and speak to clients as if they were in one of those classic TV shows. “May I take your order dear?” “How can I help you love?” My god, my heart melts every time I hear them speak.

Lets not forget the fries, phenomenal. I may be quoted on Eat St. proclaiming that they have the best poutine in Calgary, it’s true. Their poutine, affectionately name Pamela, actually uses squeaky cheese curds, unlike some of the other poutine places in Calgary that just claim to use squeaky cheese. Their gravy, as good as any I have tried.  However, the Dolls aren’t all about the poutine. They specialize in both regular and sweet potato fries (also the best in the city), and adorn them with both the sweet and the savory.

The Sandra D, for example, is a sweet concoction with cinnamon, and during Thanksgiving, cranberry sauce. Other menu items contain Parmesan cheese, Hutterite sausage, garlic, and other select sweet and savory spices.

The Dolls and their fries, and their flavors, are simply awesome. Check them out and take note of not just the Dolls, but the whole experience.

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