I would like to come out and admit I am little bit of a doughnut snob.  I used to love “Spud nuts” in my hometown of Lethbridge when I was little; potato doughnuts made fresh and eaten right after being glazed seemed to melt in my mouth.  Now if there happens to be a box of Tim Horton’s doughnuts and there is a Sour cream glazed I might grab it, but other than that I can take it or leave it.  Fresh doughnuts are so much better than the “Always Fresh-Frozen” mass produced varieties that we see in coffee chains.

Doughnuts seem to be making a comeback and are being reinvented using not so traditional ingredients, much like cupcakes have over the past couple years.  “The best thing I ever eat – with Bacon” on the Food Network, featured the Maple Glazed Apple Bacon Donut at Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco.  While in SF we took a taxi and train just to try this doughnut and we liked it so much Nolan had two. 🙂  So when he read that a Calgary doughnut shop had a maple bacon doughnut we knew we had to try it.

Jelly Modern Doughnuts has many inventive doughnut flavors including the Maple Bacon.  Lemon Curd, tart and sweet and tasted a lot like a Lemon Meringue pie, S’mores with homemade marshmallow and what tastes like a Hershey bar chocolate frosting, valrhorna chocolate, raspberry jelly and the special of the day key lime pie were part of our first selection.  It was hard to pick just six, having to leave the peanut butter cup, carrot, marshmellow and PB&J for another visit.

Their doughnuts are made daily and preservative free with  local, natural, organic and ingredients whenever possible.  They also have a “community room” that can be used for meetings or get togethers. On weekends they have cinnamon buns, you can order “birthday cake” doughnuts and they have a variety of organic coffee selections.

Not sure you want to try them, just walk by the modern shop on 8th and 14th and if the smell doesn’t draw you in, the glass case of doughnuts definitely will.


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