This post is going to be as quick and to the point as possible.

Kickers Smoked Meat’s Montreal Style Smoked Meat Sandwich is about as close as you will find to the famous Schwartz’s sandwich in Calgary. While the meat may not be hand cut, or fresh out of the smoker like it is at Schwartz’s, the flavor profile is bang on. Furthermore, the combination of mustard, bread and size makes it comparable in all facets.

Kickers also makes a pretty solid poutine using grease-less fries. That’s right, their fries are cooked in a convection oven, right in front of your eyes, no fryer to be found on site. If you want to kick it up a notch you can add chunks of smoked meat to your poutine, for that extra smokey flavor.

It seems that everything at Kickers has that extra kick. Their potato salad, which I would consider the best in the city, has a hint of dill pickle in it which gives it an amazingly unique flavor, and their regionally themed sandwiches include everything from smoked turkey, to cream cheese to brie.

My experience at Kickers was to say the least, delightful. I would highly recommend them.

Happy eating!

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