We can’t believe how many restaurants we ate at this year. Between handling our mortgage business and eating, it seemed like we just ran out of time to write about all the fabulous places we ate. Below is the Third in a series of posts that will touch on restaurants that we enjoyed this year, but didn’t have time to blog about in 2010… ENJOY!

Another truly unique dining experience where you don’t have to pick just one menu item, you can have every meat on the menu. They call the Burger Bus the Meat Orgy, well even their massive burgers don’t stand up to the orgy that is Bolero. With everything from fillet mignon, to bacon wrapped scallops, to lamb, and pork sausage, there is a meat for everyone. You might think, well how can their be a meat for everyone, what about vegetarians? Well, the serve the most unbelievable roasted pineapple, on the spit. Brazilian BBQ in Calgary, we love it!

Bolero Fire Grill on Urbanspoon

Crave Cupcakes
Crave is an institution in Calgary, and we quite simply don’t know how we missed them considering that both Jen and my own birthday cakes were made by none other. They have what I believe to be, the best cupcakes ever! Their Cravalicious is my favorite, Jen likes the peppermint flavored one. You can guess which flavor of birthday cake we got respectively. There are now a total of five locations to choose from, and while we have only been to Aspen and the original in Kensingtion, we thought we’d post the contact info and address for all. Did I mention they make birthday cake?

Tubby Dog on Urbanspoon Crave Cookies and Cupcakes on Urbanspoon
Crave Cookies and Cupcakes on Urbanspoon Crave Cookies and Cupcakes on Urbanspoon
Crave Cookies and Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

Tubby Dog
Tubby Dog has to be one of Calgary’s most interesting restaurants. More of something you would expect from a street vendor, the Tubby Dog is truly something special to be enjoyed when you feel the need for a hot dog. With toppings like fried egg, Cap’n Crunch, chilli, and peanut butter and jelly, you can see why we call it interesting. There is even a bacon wrapped/deep fried hot dog for the adventurous called Sherm’s Ultimate Gripper.

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Cactus Club

The Cactus Club is one of those cool places to hang out where all the staff are beautiful, and the food is decent. Even with merely decent food, the vibe is always good and everyone is super friendly. They are consistently fast and a great place for a quick business lunch.

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Spolumbos Deli
The charcuteri lovers dream spot. Spolumbos is famous for their cured meats and almost always packed deli. They serve a sandwich that is far from average, and is definitely not typical Subway style fair. They also supply many grocery stores as well as Wesjet with their sausage and sandwiches respectively. There is nothing better than hopping on a flight knowing that the food on board is the Rolls Royce of cured meats.

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Mercato is part restaurant, part Italian market. Located on 4th Street SW right across from Famoso, it is my favorite little gnocchi place. You know, gnocchi, the potato dumpling pasta that is melt in your mouth, Mercato does it better than anybody. If you aren’t looking to eat there but are looking for a hard to find Italian ingredient, their market is small, but the place. Topio Zero flour, they’ve got it, high end olive oil, you bet, Chianti wine kits that actually make great wine, also found at Mercato.

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Redwater Grill

Redwater now has 4 locations, Macleod Trail, Aspen, Bow Valley Square, and 16th Ave, we’ve eaten at all of them mainly because it is one of my Dad’s favorite restaurants. We hear that Stephen Ames owns a piece of the chain, which is probably why my Dad loves it. All are fabulous, and the menus are consistent. The Macleod Trail Location has an amazing wine cellar right in the middle of the restaurant that is made completely of glass, a very cool feature. The Aspen location has a private dining area in the middle that somewhat resembles a fishbowl with its glass walls. The 16th ave location is a former McDonalds, which makes for an elongated layout, and the down town location is the watering hole of many oil and bank execs. At any of the locations you will find great steaks and perfectly paired wines in an atmosphere that screams high end, but thankfully won’t cost you high end prices.

Redwater Rustic Grille on Urbanspoon Redwater Rustic Grille on Urbanspoon
Redwater Rustic Grille on Urbanspoon Redwater Rustic Grille on Urbanspoon