Gilchrist has his favorites, well we have ours too! Ours, well they have less to do with name dropping, and more to do with how good the food is. Furthermore, when we review a restaurant, they simply don’t know who we are, so we get the real deal, the real service, the real food, not the more cautiously prepared food they serve to the critics. These are the restaurants that touched our souls, tantalized our palates, and made us crave more, and more and more in 2010.

10. Codo Vietnamese – Phenomenal Pho
9. Sushi Haru – Amazing Sushi
8. Vin Room – Well selected wines
7. Tango Bistro – Perfect plates
6. A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe – Crazy Crepes
5. Bagolac Saigon – Even better Pho
4. La Belle Patate – Montreal in the Mountains
3. Famoso – Positively the best Pizza
2. Petite – The best Chef
1. The District – Dollar for dollar, absolutely the best food in Calgary

Oh, and of all the restaurants we went to all year long, our absolute favorite even though it isn’t in Calgary, San Francisco’s Sebo run by the incredible Michael Black. If you are in San Fran, check it out, it will be the most unique sushi experience you ever have.