Calgary Foodies and our favorite fine dining restaurant have come together to offer you something extra special every Sunday night.

Starting on Sunday November 27th, the all new Petite and Calgary Foodies will bring you Calgary Foodies Set Menu Sundays, featuring a new 3 course menu every week. The set menu will be designed exclusively by one of Calgary’s best chefs Jared Alvey. The CIA trained boy wonder will tantalize your taste buds with his out of the world creations.

If you haven’t tried Alvey’s food, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a taste without breaking the bank. Furthermore, with a new menu every Sunday night Alvey gets the chance to do what he does best, create and cook on the fly. You will never know what you will get on a Calgary Foodies Set Menu Sunday, however you will always get something absolutely amazing.

With amazing food comes an amazing experience. Set menus are our favorite way to dine out. For a true foodie it is an opportunity to try foods that they may not otherwise try. It is also an opportunity to experience a chef’s food in a live environment where they are cooking in the moment; a set menu give a chef an opportunity to mix it up, which encourages creativity and just that little extra bit of care and attention.

Many of the best meals we have ever had were from set chef’s tasting menus, and we guarantee that in the months to come, our Calgary Foodies community is going to experience some of the best meals they have ever had at the all new Petite.