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Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

I can’t believe it, Jen just walked up to the counter to get a second soy latte! I have never seen her drink more than one coffee at a time, and rarely more than two in a day. I guess it was just that good.

We’ve spent the last hour sitting at Phil & Sebastian waiting for Els sushi to open. We thought a live blog review would be in order.

We simply love this place, because it is so simple and clean, with the beautiful aroma of coffee in the air, and the coolest light bulbs I have ever seen.  I think I rhymed.

The coffee here is without question some of the best in the city. Whether you are drinking hand pulled espresso that appears to be as thick as molasses, or coffee brewed in their $10,000 clover machine, you will be satisfied. While the coffee satisfies your thirst (or caffeine cravings), their food will go even further, satisfying your hunger. The split pea soup was tasty, and their house salad that is the furthest thing from a typical house salad is delicious. It includes Parmesan cheese and asparagus which are delightful together. They also have a wide range of sandwiches available. Surprisingly the food is very fairly priced.

The Marda Loop location takes their famous farmers market coffee to the next level, you won’t be disappointed.

Happy drinking!

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  1. side note we have been ordering Soy Lattes at random coffee places all week and had to go back to Phil & Sebastian’s today, they hands down have the BEST soy lattes around. Good thing we left before I could order my second!

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