Even though the picture appears to be just your normal buffet table, I can assure you that what lies within is anything but your typical buffet style food.

Last week on our facebook fan page we asked for suggestions on a good Southern Indian restaurant. My understanding is that Southern Indian food is the slightly healthier alternative to its Northern Indian counterpart. Northern Indian cuisine is the type you would find at the mildly famous Taj Mahal on Macleod Trail (we ate here the week before and were not impressed). Northern consists of a creamier richer type food, while Southern Indian cuisine is more coconut based and lighter.

With several suggestions from our 384 facebook fans, we chose Raj Palace on 6th Avenue SW (thanks Leo Yu for the suggestion).

The food was absolutely phenomenal. We started with some Mesalla Dosa and Naan bread, and also had their butter and tandoori chicken, as well as several other beef and chicken dishes. The Mesalla Dosa was by far my favorite, they are essentially rice pancakes stuffed with a curried potato mixture – not something I would order off the menu normally, but that is the beauty of a buffet.

The best part of the whole experience was the price. The buffet, at lunch or dinner is only $12.95, a great price for what you get. Even more beautiful, they don’t hold anything back with the spices like Taj Mahal does. Instead of catering to a non Indian clientele who may prefer less spicy food, they stick to their Indian roots and prepare the food as it would be in India. To me, that is a huge plus because I am a fan of Indian food – real Indian food.

Seriously, make the trip down to 6th Avenue, you won’t be dissapointed. If you wait until after 6:00pm parking on the street is free.



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