If I was one of the more snobby of the Calgary food writers out there I would probably start this post by dropping the names of the owner(s) of Sakana grill. I would likely then go on to talk about how they built the business from its downtown China Town location into a two shop destination that now has a location in Crowfoot that was once a Pizza Hut. I would also probably point out the irony that a Pizza Hut Express now adorns the storefront directly opposite the front doors. I guess it couldn’t make it as a full service restaurant, but as a takeout joint it seems to work.

But I’m not a snobby food writer, and Jen and I don’t run the Calgary Foodies website because we are looking for the perks of free food, booze, or even the best tables in the house. In most cases we don’t even want the restaurants we are reviewing to know we are there because we would prefer to get the exact same service as anyone else who dines at the restaurants we frequent.

What we really love is when we get great service and food, unprompted by who we know or the fact that we might be writing an article. This is exactly what we get every time we go to Sakana Grill. It doesn’t matter if we are having the $22.95 happy hour love boat special for two – a dish I can’t imagine they make much money on. Or the $1.05 special priced Toro that is so delicious, and that they are definitely not making money on. The service no matter when you go, or what you order is always superb, and the fish, I would venture to say is the freshest in the city.

In fact, the last time we were there we just happened to cross paths with the fish delivery man. His comment, Sakana serves the most fish the fastest, meaning it sits in the fridges and freezers far less than anywhere else. Our order even took an extra five minutes because they were unpacking fresh fish to serve to us. A small price to pay for the amazing food that awaited us, or is it that we waited for? (By the way, desert was on the house for literally a five minute wait, go figure.) (Oh, and Peter at Kinjo watch out, at Sakana everyone gets Poky.)

Between 2pm and 5pm and after 9pm, Sakana’s happy hour can’t be beat. Its so cheap, at least for sushi anyways, that even if you have never tried sushi, you can’t afford not to go.

Happy eating,

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