A couple weeks ago on one of our many trips to Camore and the Kananaskis we stopped at Santa Lucia Italian Restaurant for some pasta.  This is a treat for me because pasta and I don’t have a very good relationship.   My diet is fairly low carb and I generally have two different veggies with dinner over pasta or rice.  So pasta, while I enjoy it  is not a big staple in my diet.  The only other time I indulge in pasta is when Nolan makes homemade pasta at home, something we will certainly have to post a recipe to in the future as it is out of this world. That being said when I do have pasta at a restaurant I want it to be worth it and the dish at Santa Lucia was most definitelyworth the extra 45-60 mins on the treadmill. 🙂

This restaurant has a nice modern feel and a fairly straight forward menu with some interesting choices and definitely something for everyone. I settled on a Mediterranean style dish with sundried tomato, olives and feta on a spinach penne which was really delicious.  The pasta, while not as fresh as the homemade stuff I get spoiled with, was probably made in house and was the perfect mixture of tender and al dente. Here is where my dish won, it was not covered in sauce that over took the pasta, but rather had the perfect blend of citrus and olive oilto compliment the other toppings. Nolan’s choice, the lasagna with giant meatballs baked with so much cheese it looked sinful.  Others around us noshed on authentic margherita pizzas and other delicious Italian pasts favorites all looked and smelled amazing.  The Chianti  we ordered was the perfect pair for this meal, and we both enjoyed our choices. The people around us seemed to enjoy themselves as well, we even over head a “regular” talking to server about just missing another regular dinner at the restaurant so they certainly have a good following. The spumoni ice cream we shared at the end was the perfect finish, although I wish I had though to order an espresso, next time I suppose.

My only comment and perhaps small negative about the restaurant was the service.  The server was certainly friendly and sounded strangely somewhat like Ellen Degeneres, was pretty chatty so sometimes it took a bit to get her attention while she finished up her conversations with other tables. Really not a huge deal given that the restaurant was only half full, but a little annoying at times.

What we liked:

  • Atmosphere and menu were top notch
  • Good food and fairly reasonable prices
  • Decent wine list

What we didn’t like:

  • Somewhat slow service but friendly none the less

Happy Eating!

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