A memo from the desk of Calgary Foodies

To our urbanspoon friends BRchick, Laur-in, mamegoma, kandiapple, Live to Eat, and hungrygirl;

To not like Spoon Me is to not like yourself. The dislike of a place where you choose the flavor, you choose the toppings, you choose how much toppings, and you get it all free without purchase on your birthday, is like saying ‘my tastes suck’, ‘my expectations are out of line’, or ‘I am just plain grumpy’. The question is, how do you know which describes you best?

Well, it is really quite simple to discern. Comments like “Overpriced, mediocre tasting yogurt. I think yogen fruz… heck, even the Ikea one tastes much better!” and “Yogen Fruz is 100 percent better. ‘Spoon Me’ tries, but does not live up. Grossest yogurt I’ve ever had. Honestly. Expeeeensive, too! Spoon at your own risk.” Well that’s expectations. Don’t expect ice cream flavor from the healthier 83 calorie Spoon Me, when your precious Yogen Fruz boasts almost 50% more calories (120).

Outbursts like, “The topping sucked. There were only 5 fruit toppings to choose from when I went, along with dry cereal and chocolate chips.” Well that’s a taste issue. Five fruit toppings with dry cereal and chocolate chips, well that’s hundreds if not thousands of possible flavor combinations, I’m sure you can find at least one you like.

If they, “Didn’t have green tea flavour available so I had the vanilla bean. Nothing special, simply soft serve frozen yogurt with a little bit of fruit topping for $6.00.” Well that’s just grumpy. Boo hoo, I didn’t get the flavor I wanted, now I hate you.

You all are the reason restaurants hate food critics. They give you health conciousness, they give you choice, they let you pick the toppings, they let you add more, and you still complain, because that is what complainers do. They give you everything and you want more. You are screwing with their livelihood because, you can’t pick a flavor, you expected something different, or you have a bad attitude. How would you like it if those franchise owners came down to your office and complained about everything it is that you do.

The truth is, Spoon Me is awesome. As is any place that gives you carte blanche ability to pick your flavor, your topping, and your experience. So I guess I have a correction to make. The question is not does your taste suck, are your expectations out of line, or are you grumpy, it is what experience is it that you want to choose?

Then again, you are entitled to choose you own opinion.

Happy eating,

Calgary Foodies

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