There are many great foodie cities in North America – New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle, Montreal, Vancouver to name a few. These are places you go where you expect to get not just good food, but great food, and while other cities may have great restaurants, the food is never quite as good as if you were eating in a culinary destination like the ones mentioned above. This may be the reason why diners are so surprised when they find what I consider to be the best sushi restaurant in Alberta, in Airdrie of all places.

Forget that Sushi Haru is in Airdrie, and just reflect for a moment on the fact that it sits in an unassuming strip mall sandwiched between a pet store and an Edward Jones office, not the place where you would expect to find a good, let alone a phenomenal sushi joint. That is the beauty of Sushi Haru, they have broken the mold and proven that a hole in the wall restaurant in a small town can be far superior to any fancy mainstream sushi place in the big city.

What makes Sushi Haru different than a mainstream sushi joint is attention to detail. We watched as the chef made the sushi rice fresh, adding vinegar and cooling immediately before hand forming rolls, cones, and sushi pieces that were absolutely to die for. The sushi rice left an aftertaste of caramelized sugar that has left me craving sushi for a week, and the fact that pieces were hand formed and not blasted out by a machine made them lighter and somehow tastier as a result. Sushi Haru’s “Haru Combo” at $40 puts Sakana Grills “Love Boat” of the same price to shame. It includes substantially more sushi, better roles, hand cones, and tempura. While Sakana’s love boat is a good deal during happy hour, I would definitely opt for Haru’s combo any other time.

It is not hard to see why 86% of the 279 people who have rated Sush Haru on Urbanspoon liked it, making it the highest ranked restaurant on the Alberta leader board. Its definitely good enough to take Kinjo’s place in the restaurants we like section in the sidebar.

What we liked

  • Fresh rice that tasted better than any sushi rice we have ever had. Worthy of eating on its own.
  • Huge portions
  • Incredibly fresh fish

What we didn’t like

  • Absolutely nothing

Sushi Haru on Urbanspoon