Wednesday was an excellent day business wise, but very busy.  I looked up from my computer at about 5:15pm and realized that I had to be at my singing rehearsal at 7pm and still hadn’t thought about having dinner. Since I had such a productive day, I decided that I might treat myself to one of my favorite meals, sushi!  I texted Nolan to see if he was interested and, being a lover of sushi, he quickly replied that he would meet me at Sushi Ichiban, in the Westbrook shopping centre.  I have never been to this location so I was interested to see what the experience would be like.

When I was 14 I went on a student exchange to Japan and so I am a bit of a Sushi snob. Having had every possible kind of sushi imaginable in the country that made it famous, in it’s freshest state, made me a little picky. And it is very safe to say that I have had quite a few bad experiences.

This week I was on a fairly restricted diet with minimal carbs and fat so I opted for Sashimi and salad with some edamame and Nolan had the same with some miso soup, but also ordered a spicy tuna roll, mosty just to taunt me as this is one of my favs.  Our sashimi selection consisted of  Sake (Salmon), Maguro (Tuna), Toro (Fatty Tuna), Hamachi (Yellowtail), Hotate-ga (Scallop) and Red Tuna. All were very fresh tasting and delicious. The salad was also quite good, your standard green salad with that spicy orange dressing, that, up until now I have never thought to ask the name of. Note to self *ask next time* as it may be available at the Asian supermarket and would make a very welcome addition to my pantry.

The service was very fast and friendly.  We sat down just after 530 and were served all of our food by quarter to 6.  This is not the norm for a lot of Calgary sushi restaurants, so given my limited time allowance was much appreciated.

All in all a good experience, everything was tasty and fairly standard.  We may have ordered a little more than we needed and our bill was close to $60. Our meal was worth every penny and not to say we didn’t finish ever last bite, but in hindsight there were some combos on the menu that might have been worth ordering. They featured the same selection we ordered and may have been a bit cheaper than ordering the single pieces off the sushi menu.

Conclusion, a good meal at the end of a good day, who could ask for more?  I was certainly more than satisfied and the meal gave me excellent fuel for the next 3 hours I spent singing!

Happy Eating!


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