For months we have been wanting to check out “The Coup” one of Calgary’s few vegetarian restaurants.  Having vowed to check the restaurant out with one of our only veggie friends, the lovely miss Jess, we had to wait for her to visit from Edmonton. This weekend the wait was over, and we flew to The Coup…. 🙂

I didn’t expect it but for a Sunday night, the place was packed and we were told we would have a 20 minute wait.  We were offered a place in the lounge next door to have a drink while we waited. Let me start by saying “Meet” has a HUGE drink menu and some really interesting beverages to choose from.  I settled on a blended drink, the “Malibu Barbie Colada”, which contained Malibu Rum with Apple essence, coconut gelato and mint. Nolan went with the Chai Float. I could have just sat there and enjoyed the drinks alone and been completely satisfied.  I felt like I was having a before dinner dessert, something I have always want to do, but never feel right doing.   There is quite the list of clever named concoctions that sound equally delicious like the “Dirk Diggler” and the “Captain Crunch,” plus a full page of martinis from the “007” to the “Twister”, fresh beet juice, sambucca, mango, pure vodka, crushed fennel, served with natural black licorice.

Now on to the food… Who knew there were so many options?  Having no option for a meat of choice, I was left with a ton of options. Usually I go ahead and choice a protein and then picking is pretty easy. But here there was a new wide world of meal options I had never even thought of before, it was actually pretty exciting.

Starters of Cajun Tempeh Sticks, Edamame, spreads, dips, and house made soups and salads with Buckwheat, tofu and cashews or “The club med” falafel, pickles, olives, shredded carrots, sundried tomatoes, sheep feta and banana peppers on organic greens in a tahini lemon, garlic dressing, topped with sprouts. No boring greens topped with tomato, cucumber and balsamic vinaigrette found here.

The mains also interesting, “the Upstream burger” – a seeded yam, smoked tofu and cashew patty with fresh dill, red onion and garlic aioli sauce on organic foccacia was so good, as was the “Beachfront hotpot” – spicy coconut lime broth loaded with veggies, lotus root, edamame, lemongrass and vermicelli noodles. Our friends munched on the “Dragon Bowl” – steamed and fresh seasonal veggies with stir-fried tofu on quinoa topped with cilantro and seeds/nuts and peanut satay sauce.  I have to say everything that came out of the kitchen, not only looked great, but smelled amazing. FULL MENU HERE

The service too was exceptional. All the ladies were friendly and really helpful, and I felt totally at ease in a somewhat foreign environment. If you are on 17th avenue and want to try something completely different, check this place out.  I was pleasantly surprised with the variety and the atmosphere and didn’t miss the meat comonent one bit!

Happy Eating!



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