It is estimated that more than 100 million sharks are killed annually for the sole purpose of shark fin soup, a dish served to the affluent in many Chinese restaurants. The dish is viewed as a status symbol, although what kind of status could possibly be desired when the means is the senseless killing of an animal.

Don’t get the word senseless confused. Unlike the traditional slaughter of animals like chicken, cows, and pigs where the entire carcass is consumed, sharks that are slaughtered for shark fin soup often have only their fins removed, and then are returned to the ocean only to sink to the bottom and die. No other part of the shark is used. Furthermore, the senseless killing of an animal that is at the top of the food chain can cause that chain to fall apart completely. Given that the number of sharks being killed is greater than the number reproducing, the results of this archaic practice could present themselves in the very near future, throwing off the balance of the already sensitive marine environment.

There are three restaurants in Calgary that currently serve this soup of sin, all are part of the same chain. You can view who they are on by clicking on the following link. Boycott These Chinese Restaurants

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