Its time to call a spade a spade. Food bloggers have way to much power and not enough common sense. Period.

It just so happens that my office sits next to the top restaurant realtor in the city. He said to me long ago when Jen and I started this blog, “Be careful what you post, it takes no more than three bad reviews to destroy a restaurant, and as a result somebody’s livelihood.”

We took that comment to heart and made a commitment to never write a bad word about a restaurant – if we don’t like it, we simply don’t write about it. That is why it is so hard to watch food bloggers bash restaurants and soil their names without even so much as a second thought. Quite frankly, we think it is classless.

Take for example the infamous ChowTown bashing of Kinjo, where a self proclaimed sushi expert bashes one of the city’s most successful sushi restaurants because the sushi is frozen and not fresh. I lit him up for a few comments, because quite frankly, he doesn’t know shit about how sushi is shipped and stored on its way to land locked Calgary. He berates Kinjo for poor quality while praising others who serve the exact same fish from the exact same suppliers.

So what is the difference between us bashing him and him bashing Kinjo? He doesn’t make his living from what he writes, but he sure as well affects Peter’s, who by the the way nearly everyone (and their children) loves.

What does this have to do with Tilted Grill? Well, a while back Tilted invited a bunch of food bloggers to sample their food truck inspired menu. (We were not invited, but we would much rather pay and go unnoticed as we usually do anyways). What happened at this preview was disgraceful. Three food bloggers A bunch of food bloggers came to the restaurant, ate for free, and one then wrote a sub par reviews of the brand new restaurant. While only one blogged about her experience, they all participated in picking apart the restaurants food rather than celebrating the fact that a new concept had been born in Calgary They failed to mention that the menu items were in the test phases, and it was a privilege for them to be there, not a foodie god given right.

In the comments section I have stated numerous times that anyone can pick apart a restaurant, a great food blogger will appreciate a restaurants story and what is unique, not pick on the low lying fruit that presents itself for criticism.

To Clarify, this article is about food blogger responsibility. It is one thing to have free speech, it is another to speak freely in a way that negatively impacts others.

So let us clear the air. Tilted is a street food inspired restaurant designed around Tilted authenticity. They don’t serve the kind of food you would typically get at a restaurant, they serve down and dirty indulgences that are wild in their flavor, and reasonable in their prices. They serve authentic tasting dishes that replicate flavors found in Asia, Mexico, and some of the bigger American cities. Flavors you would find at a typical food cart. And the food is damn good!

Some notable menu items include Gogi Sliders, Mexi-Steak Cheese Fries, Grilled Calamari Tacos, Peking Cracklin’ Chicken or a Cali Burger. Or try some dessert – Joe’s Ice Cream Sandwich – Vanilla ice cream pressed between homemade chocolate chip cookies, rolled in chocolate chips, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with candied pecans. Check out their complete menu here.

We highly suggest you try it for yourself. Then, check out the following posts, and tell us whether you think these bloggers were bang on or way out of line.

Please note – only one of these bloggers was at the event, but all have written reviews that could potentially impact the success of this restaurant. It is our view that these reviews are unwarranted (see the Ketchup Conundrum comment in the comments section).

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