It is that time of year again where we select our favorite restaurants. For 2011 several of 2010’s top picks made the list again, although in a somewhat different order. While last years list focused on foodie havens, this years list is all about restaurants that simply blew us away. It was the combination of the menu, the atmosphere, and the people, that filtered the results.

This year we also ranked our top three favorite food trucks, as well as added a “best…” category. Enjoy.

2011 Top Ten Restaurants

  1. Petite – amazing new location, even more amazing food
  2. The Catch – phenomenal new menu and renovation
  3. Notable – most amazing wood burning grill
  4. Taste – tasty creations from Calgary’s best small restaurant
  5. The District – yet again, best food for the money & great beer
  6. Without Papers – Inglewood’s trendy little pizza place
  7. Sushi Haru – best sushi in Calgary, in Airdrie
  8. Tango Bistro – amazing lunch menu
  9. Charcut – home of Top Chef’s Connie
  10. Model Milk – coolest table in the city

Top Three Food Trucks

  1. Fries & Dolls
  2. Perogy Boyz
  3. Fiasco Gelato

Best Burger – Five Guys

Best Poutine – Fries & Dolls

Best Steak – Petite

Best Tapas Menu – Taste

Best Mexican Food – Ox & Angela

Best Venue – Charcut

Best Service – Double Zero

Biggest Wow Factor – Notable’s wood burning grill

Best Food for the Money – The District

Best Lunch Menu – Tango Bistro

Best Furniture – Model Milk’s steel beam expandable table

Best New Menu – The Catch