Last night Jen and I headed down to Winefest at the BMO Center. It was quite the show.

All of the food and wine was included in the $75 ticket price, which made the event overall cheaper than the Rocky Mountain wine festival that we went to a couple of months ago. The venue was phenomenal as there has been a beautiful overhaul to what used to be called the Roundup Center.

There were four wines that we both very much enjoyed. You can see them all pictured above (foodie tip – Iphones and Blackberries work great for remembering wines, especially if you have troubles with names like me). The folks at the Yellow Tail booth were kind enough to open up a bottle of their Deloach Zinfandel for us even though they weren’t technically tasting it at the show. It was phenomenal.

The B. Carlo Malbec was easily in our opinion the best Malbec at the show. As always Springbank Cheese represented all things dairy quite well with three tasting stations.

If I had one reservation about the show it was the all inclusive ticket price. Unlike the Rocky Mountain Wine festival where you pay for sample, allowing variable pricing for high end wines, the all inclusive concept discouraged a lot of wineries from bringing the good stuff. Wolf Blass limited their selection to the mediocre Red Label, and winery after winery apologized for not having their top of the line selection.

None the less, those that did bring the good stuff got great reviews. Even better were the ones who actually cleaned the glasses for you prior to serving. If you get the chance head down to the BMO Center, tickets are sold out, but if you have the opportunity to pick a stray one up jump on the chance, it is well worth the trip.

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