A colleague introduced me to a breakfast diner in Fort Collins last month that had a unique selling proposition, which is rare for a breakfast joint. You could purchase a customized mug with your name on it, for your exclusive use every time you visited the diner. When using your own mug you also get a discount on the coffee, but that wasn’t the most impressive feature of the gimmick. The mug, with your name on it, was the perfect way to make you feel at home because the waitress could call you by name, simply by reading the name on the mug. The place was packed, and apparently this was always the case.

Enter Wurst. Calgary’s most exclusive restaurant and beer hall.

When you own a cup with your name on it at a coffee shop, you will return, because that is where your cup is. You know you will be treated like a regular, even if you are only there once a year. It doesn’t matter if the waitress forgets your name, never knew it, or has never even met you, you will get that first class service that you expect as a regular. Which is why Wurst can be said to be, tongue in cheek, Calgary’s most exclusive Bavarian beer house (if that isn’t an oxymoron I don’t know what is).

Wurst has ingeniously installed beer stein lockers for its most preferred guests (don’t even bother trying to get one, they are long since sold out). Here is how it works. Make a $250 donation and you get your very own stein locker, complete with a 1/2 litre or full litre stein to use exclusively when you visit. I can’t think of anything more exclusive in Calgary than haveing your very own $250 a year beer mug to use while you chomp down on house made pretzels, charcuterie, rotisserie chicken, and seafood.

Speaking of seafood, our old friend Eric the Oyster Man was at the opening of Wurst serving his famous oysters. Check out the video (coming soon) below of me eating a 10 Year Old Beach Oyster. Unfortunately the video ends before I say “I couldn’t believe the whole thing fit in my mouth.” To which one of the chef’s replied, “That’s what she said.”

PS. We hear Wurst is going to have some serious competition from the new Craft Beer Market – Let the beer wars begin!
Happy eating,


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